Detroit Business Lawyers is a boutique firm serving the Detroit area. We offer personalized service: when we contact you, it is an attorney calling. When you email us, you reach an attorney. We advise our clients of all their options, not just the ones that cost the most. If we review an estate plan and find it meets all the requirements, we will tell you this rather than charging you for a bunch of things you don't need. We are flexible, working within our clients needs. We offer flat-fees whenever possible. We meet our clients wherever is most convenient for them. We have taken equity positions with certain clients, exchanging our legal services for a fraction of ownership in their business. 

Our legal and advisory services for businesses and corporations will help a business grow and succeed from the initial planning stages through all phases of growth.

Our work encompasses all facets of business/corporate law and advising. We have assisted clients with formation, bylaws, operating agreements, contracts, buy/sell agreements, shareholder agreements, mergers and acquisitions, creditor and debtor disputes, dissolution, employment matters and more.



Detroit Business Lawyers assists individuals and families with comprehensive estate planning. We ensure each client has a proper and effective estate plan that matches their goals and wishes.

From basic wills to more complex trusts such as special needs trusts, from medical directives to durable powers of attorney, we work closely with our clients in the estate planning process. We don't present you with an estate plan, but rather work with you as a team to ensure the estate plan meets your needs and coverage requirements.